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Saugor Cantonment was established in the year 1835 (1st September 1835). In the beginning Saugor Cantonment was used as the Head Quarters of the Narmada Division and then as an Equitation School of India. During the IInd world war, it was a station for infantry and small Arms School. After consolidation of British Aurhority in 1858-59 a Regiment of European infantry was stationed at Saugor. Later in July, 1949 the Infantry School was shifted to Mhow Cantonment and the Mahar Regimental Centre was shifted here. This passion continues till now.

Situation is Saugor is between 23 degree -10 inches and 24 degree-27 inches North Latitude and between 78 degree – 4 inches and 79 degree -21 inches East longitude and the District is about 1750 inches (533-40 meters ) above sea level. The average rainfall is Saugor is between 40 to 50 inches and there is severe water scarcity during summer because of lack of perennial sources of water.

Saugor is a class II Cantonment in term of Section 13(1) of the Cantonment Act, 1924.It is situated in the State of Madhya Pradesh in Saugor District covering an area of 4048.792 acres (Civil Area 142.22 Acres and Military Area 3957.79 Acres). Civil population of this Cantonment as per 2001 census is 32475 and Military population is 8593. The growth of population in the last decade in nearly 24%. National Highway No.26 passes through the Cantonment area. Bina-Katni Railway Line also passes through the Cantonment which was opened on 26.3.1898.

There is civil area notified by the Central Govt. and its land management is vests in the Cantt. Board and out of civil area i.e. Bungalow Area, Old Sadar, Amrod Chak/Pared Chak and its land management is vests in the D.E.O., M.P. Circle, Bhopal.